The BHA aims to break down the barriers between chronically siloed worlds like community service, technology, and the arts. The Cluster consists of five studio/office spaces for “creative industry” tenants. The Cluster spaces afford tenants privacy and close proximity to these more communal spaces, encouraging engagement and innovation. Cluster tenants might include architecture firms, community nonprofits, graphic design agencies, arts and cultural organizations, craft businesses, mid-career artists, and theater/dance troops.

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> Unit 311 | Third Floor | Approximately 842 sq. ft. | Leased

> Unit 215 | Second Floor | Approximately 864 sq. ft.| Available for Lease

> Unit 218 | Second Floor | Approximately 856 sq. ft. | Leased

> Unit 214 | Second Floor | Approximately 853 sq. ft. | Available for Lease

> Unit 211 | Second Floor | Approximately 996 sq. ft. | Leased

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