Brew House Association provides creative space and support for people to connect and expand their relationship with the arts.



Created from the vision and grassroots efforts of local artists who had the desire to collaborate in an inspiring and creative setting, the BHA formerly established itself as a 501 c3 in 1993. Over twenty years later, the Brew House Association is continuing to build on its extensive history of building community and supporting artists.


The BHA opened Space 101, as a regional exhibition and performance space. Space 101 became the home of Prospectus Annual Exhibits and the Featured Artists Series giving local artists such as Lindsay Landfried, Adam Chriscuolo, Zach Dorn, Murphy Cook, and Theo Keller a unique opportunity in Pittsburgh.


BHA began hosting the annual Black Sheep Puppet Festival that engaged thousands of participants from the Pittsburgh area. The Festival was a multi-dimensional performance that lasted over two weeks and included children workshops, film screenings, gallery exhibitions, and live performances. Space 101 was a unique space that contributed to the overall creative strength of the neighborhood and region.


BHA offers innovative programming that supported local artists and engaged the community. Through collaboration with organizations such as the Homeschools Initiative which provided supplemental art education to children who were homeschooled. Additionally the afterschool partnership with the Brashear Association gave opportunity for residents to provide instructions to participants in their own studios. All of the innovation took place while BHA managed the building. Managing the large, historical building proved to be a challenge for the small organization.


BHA intiates the first of seven cohorts in the Distillery program. The Distillery program gave emerging artists viable ways to connect with, and contribute to the local arts community by supporting their studio practice and providing career development opportunities. Participants met for studio visits, workshops, peer critiques, and discussions with guest curators, critics, and artists. They culminated with an exhibition in Space 101. Among the participants were, emerging artists Matt DiClemente, Amy DiPlacido, Marytna Matusiak, Laurel Mitchell and Jim Rugg. The Distillery program allowed for the artistic process and practice to be of value as an experience not just a result or outcome.


Following a period of renovation through partnership with TREK development, The Brew House reopened its doors to feature the exhibition, Homecoming: Artists and Adaptation, in its newly renovated 2,700 sq. ft. gallery and to welcome in the eighth cohort of Distillery Emerging Artists-in-Residence.


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Natalie Sweet

Program Director

Natalie Sweet has worked with various arts organizations in the Pittsburgh area since locating to the region in 2009. She holds a BA in the History of Art and Architecture from the University of Pittsburgh. In 2012, Sweet was named the Milton Fine Museum Profession Fellow with the Andy Warhol Museum. She then worked as the Exhibition and Program Coordinator at Contemporary Craft from 2013-2018. She began her time at Brew House Association on the Board of Directors and held multiple officer positions before managing the emerging artist residency program, Distillery, in 2017. Sweet also curated the inaugural exhibition in the newly renovated BHA gallery, Homecoming: Artists and Adaptation. She is the Pittsburgh team leader for HeadCount, a national non-partisan non-profit which registers voters at live music experiences, and lives in the East End with her partner and adopted dog, Ruby.

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Stephanie Garrison

Operations Director

Stephanie Garrison has held positions at various non-profit arts organizations in Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, Orlando, and Dallas since 2007. She holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting and a BA in Art History from Southern Methodist University. After some initial museum internships, Garrison recognized that successful arts administrators must nurture their analytical and business-minded capabilities so she moved to Pittsburgh to enroll in Carnegie Mellon’s Master of Arts Management program, graduating in 2013. Garrison also works as the Department Coordinator of Learning & Public Engagement at The Andy Warhol Museum, previously worked as Managing Director of Radiant Hall Studios, has consulted with the Arts-Finance Cohort on millennial engagement in the arts, and organized a 1-day professional development conference for Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. She lives with her partner and cat in Point Breeze.

Board of Directors

Karlee Turkaly | President

Chris McGinnis | Vice President

Matthew Bohince | Treasurer

Joe Farrell | Secretary

Amanda Battaglia

Michael Berger

Tim Kaluen | Emeritus

Theo Keller | Emeritus

Sam Laffey

Heather McElwee

Jason McKoy

Carin Mincemoyer

Rocco Pacella

Andrea Petrillo

Patricia Sheahan

Career Opportunities

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